Saturday, 1 December 2012


Add up the following and what do you get? Three drummers, three bassists, an electric ukulele player and a mad looking front man. The answer is Dingus Khan, one of the most exciting indie rock bands around at the moment.  Hailing from the glamorous setting of Manningtree, Dingus Khan create an exciting noise that sounds a bit like Blur after they've had one too many bottles of cheap cider. Their songs are brilliantly unpretentious, with the wonderful 'Made a List' featuring the lyrics "Come around for a bit, we'll see how far we can spit" and the equally great 'Bag For Life' having the brilliantly self deprecating lyrics, "Bought a bag for life and it broke in the shop, tried to give blood but my blood weren't good enough". Their album 'Support Misty Swans' was released earlier this year and it's an absolute peach from start to finish. You can buy it from Rough Trade or listen to it on Spotify. If there's one band that deserves to hit the big time it's these guys, though I'm not sure if they would care either way, they're just having fun.

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